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South Devon Sound
South Devon Sound2 days ago
We know why you tune in to South Devon Sound on a Tuesday and Friday so let's get some rocking done with ALT BLK ERA, Novacrow, Voltstorm, Divided Truth, The Mighty Wraith, Bad Actress, No Kings Allowed, Broken Jaw, House of Hosts, Clay Soldiers, Bird's View, Skinny Knowledge, Greebo, Odin's Revenge, Belgrove, The Curve, Ozul, Nuns of the Tundra, Act of Creation, Visions of Morpheus, LiVES, Crystalline, downcast, Oceanhoarse and Athena’s Revenge.
I'll be kicking off at 9pm, see ya there \m/
South Devon Sound
South Devon Sound3 days ago
Well the summer’s not the best, but we’ll make up for it with great music, presenters and shows…

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