Presenters & Production Team


As the creator and founder member of South Devon Sound in 2009, Sophie has in the past presented various programs including Good Morning South Devon, Gone Country, The Saturday Afternoon Rock Radio Show and All that Jazz. These days she concentrates on production and management, and keeping SDS on air.  


Claire Douglas joined the station in 2018 bringing an eclectic sound to Transister Radio. Claire is also the voice of Big Breakfast Show seven days a week. 


Darrell has a long history with South Devon Sound. His long running program Classic Remakes actually originated on a Zimbabwean Radio Station in the 90s. He also presents our ever popular Sounds of the 70s


CB has been part of South Devon Sound since it's early beginnings. She has presented, and continues to present Africa Calling and The Love Zone.

She is a published writer and poet, and has recently released a book of southern african poetry.


Another presenter who has graced our airwaves with his dulcet tones and a love of the 80s is Rudi. SDS weekends wouldn't be the same without him.

Autumn Stevens

Autumn is well known to Plymouth listeners and joins South Devon Sound to present Prime Time from Monday - Friday at 1700.

Mr G

Mr G has been the voice of Weekend Nite Radio on South Devon Sound for many months, and he's now keeping you company every night, with Nite Radio now airing Monday - Friday from Midnight to 0600. 



Every now and then a presenter comes along that seems to know exactly what you want to hear on their show, while we're waiting for such a presenter you can be listening to Jaspa's Heads Up Rock Show.

Hailing from Birmingham, the home of rock, he has grown up with some of the worlds most respected rock and metal bands in the world and has now made it his mission to find the best new emerging rock available, all of the playlist bands are handpicked to be part of the Heads Up family so tune in, turn it up and ...
Live Your Life Loud

Harley Buckner

I fell in love with Radio whilst listening to the Pirates. As mid teenagers a friend and I would regularly visit the offices of Radio's Caroline, London & 390 in London to hang out, ogle the secretarys and meet an occasional DJ.
My mother had returned to her native Australia and not long after our Pirates were closed down I made my second visit and was delighted to find an abundance of Pop stations in Sydney - and once again began to hang out at the studios of my favourite Aussie stations.

At the age of 21 I was on a working holiday back in Oz when I was invited onto a small AM station. I have jumped behind the Mic as often as I could ever since!
I love stations like ours. No Station policy meetings, no playlist adherence, no bombarding the audience with endless ads & Promos, and not a management memo in sight -  just a bunch of people doing their best to entertain. I like being here - I hope it shows.

DJ Doug

Douglas Noble (DJ Doug) has been record collecting since the 70’s and DJing since the early 90s,  pursuing his passion for the exploration of the groovy place where Disco, Funk, Jazz, Soul and Dance music meet sounds from  Latin America , The Caribbean and the African Continent.

He co-runs the Feet to the Floor nights in Totnes, as well as the  occasional High Life parties, and is part of the RPM vintage vinyl collective.

His Radio High Life show, celebrates international good -grooves, old and new, from Funk to Cumbia, Disco to Boogaloo and Afrobeat to Jazz, and much more along the way. It features on SoundArt Radio, South Devon Sound and Soul Roots Radio.  

Grease Paint and Stage Lights

Greasepaint and Stage Lights is your weekly ‘Front of House’ musical experience. Join Mark Bilsby, Julia Rufey and Alastair Woodgate for the best showtunes, great competitions and some theatre banter to keep you amused and informed. With weekly features of challenge the experts. Our ‘two at twenty-two’ with two songs from one musical. The lyrical Challenge. Al’s Album and Rufey’s Review. Book a request by emailing. [email protected]. Greasepaint and Stage Lights. Here on your favourite local radio Station, South Devon Sound at 2300 on Wednesday, and 1300 on Sunday.

Visit the grease paint crew at

Glyn Williams

In 1978 a fresh faced Glyn was a regular at The Wigan Casino all-nighters, Nottiingham Palais all-dayers, and many other soul clubs around the country.

Northern soul became a passion for him and he became an avid record collector.

Glyn’s career as a DJ started at 7 years of age on his brother’s mobile disco. From 13 he was working in night clubs and in 1994 following a stint on pirate radio he started his own radio station in the UK called ‘Valley Radio’

In 1997 Glyn began the ‘Soultastic’ Soul Club based at Alfreton Leisure Centre in Derbyshire UK attracting up to 800 soul lovers every month at the regular Northern soul nights.

Glyn’s radio shows can be heard on South Devon Sound and you can contact him direct using [email protected]

Brian Artiy
News Reader

The calming voice of our inhouse News reader. Brian lives for the news.

Bridget Shears

Bridget is our in house weather report broadcaster, come rain or shine, Bridget tells you what to expect.


Our continuity and stand in presenter Lucy can be heard regularly on Music for Work and Play throughout the week.

Callista Carter
Celebrity News Reporter

We wont say she's star-struck, but she certainly keeps a close eye on the celebrities who make up our world. Callista shares Celeb news every week day breakfast at around 0830 and on Prime Time every weekday after 1730


Emma is our social secretary, well, sort of.

Emma keeps us up to date with local events and things to do for our South Devon Diary.

if you'd like Emma to include your event in the diary, leave a voice message or send a text to 07441 411620.




Jack is our stand-by presenter, filling the shoes of any of our team who may be away. 

Jack is currently takng care of our weekend breakfast shows.


Jason researches and presents the "On This Day" feature.