Presenters & Production Team


As the creator and founder member of South Devon Sound in 2009, Sophie has in the past presented various programs including Good Morning South Devon, Gone Country, The Saturday Afternoon Rock Radio Show and All that Jazz. These days she concentrates on production and management, and keeping SDS on air.  


BW joined the station as the Soul Show presenter, a show he still voices. Since then he's taken on Prime Time every week day evening and Breakfast 4 weekdays a week.


Claire Douglas joined the station in 2018 bringing an eclectic sound to Transister Radio. She has also been heard on the Big Breakfast Show one day a week. 


Ian Brown has a passion for music and he shares it from across the decades, including his long running Forever 90s show, the recently launched "Nothing but Noughties", and is also the voice of weekend breakfast. 


One of the first presenters on South Devon Sound, Cyndi presents two long running and much loved programs "Africa calling" and "The Love Zone". She has recently published a collection of her poetry called African Yesterdays and Other Horizons. 




Darrell has a long history with South Devon Sound. His long running program Classic Remakes actually originated on a Zimbabwean Radio Station in the 90s. He also presents a selection of his favourite tunes, and findings in Scrapbook Songbook.


Another presenter who has graced our airwaves with his dulcet tones and a love of the 80s is Rudi. SDS weekends wouldn't be the same without him.

Sam Jackson

Rock drummer Sam Jackson is the newest addition to the SDS team. He rocks out every Friday night on the South Devon Sound Rock Show, where he plays new and upcoming rock songs.

The show is produced by Mark Jackson who assists in adding exciting new sounds to the weekly playlist.

Francky Dee

Francky Dee's name is synonymous with the South Devon Sound Super 70s show.

Hes been away a while but makes a welcome return to our airwaves, sharing the show with some of the other 70s music lovers.

Paul and Belinda

Remembered fondly for their long running tenure on the Swinging 60s show, Paul and Belinda make a welcome return to SDS as part of the Super 70s team.  

Graham Artiy
News Reader

The calming voice of our inhouse News reader. Graham lives for the news.

Audrey Ayeye

She sounds cheerful, even when the weather isn't. Audrey is our inhouse weather report broadcaster.


Our continuity and stand in presenter Lucy can be heard regularly on Music for Work and Play throughout the week.

Callista Carter
Celebrity News Reporter

We wont say she's star-struck, but she certainly keeps a close eye on the celebrities who make up our world. Callista shares Celeb news every week day breakfast at around 0830 and on Prime Time every weekday after 1730


Emma is our social secretary, well, sort of.

Emma keeps us up to date with local events and things to do for our South Devon Diary.

if you'd like Emma to include your event in the diary, leave a voice message or send a text to 07441 411620.




The newest voice on South Devon Sound... Jack Oldram is one of our stand-in presenters, and has recently been heard on Prime Time.